Femme Brutal: Evicshen supp: Oilskin + Royal Spaceporn


Etter å ha sett Evichsen tidligere i år under All Ears kunne vi ikke vente med å få henne tilbake til byen og gleder oss til å se henne på Vaterland 23. november i godt selskap med de lokale støymakere Oilskin og harsh-noise fra København med Royal Spaceporn.

Victoria Shen is an experimental music performer and sound artist from San Francisco. Though analog synthesizers are the backbone of Shen’s music, while performing live, she plays self-made electronics, invented instruments, and even acoustic objects like a bull whip. Shen is a markedly mobile performer that muddles the boundaries between performer and audience, stage and floor. Her sets tend to be site-specific, in direct response to the physical and acoustic qualities of the space in which she performs. Her live show vacillates between moments of restraint and swells of frenetic and confrontational movement. A tightrope walk between control and chance, the whiff of danger is never far during Shen’s performances. Her sound is dynamic with a sensitivity to texture and structure throughout.

Sleazy no-waver’s assault audience with modified toys and brutal voice.
Started as a weirdo pet-project for already weird No Wavers Deathcrush, nihilistic Oilskin uses voice to make both noise and mostly improvised vocal lines, modified toys, and homemade synths and effects. Never sticking to what they plan, Oilskin can be a brutal, industrial assault, sleazy, driving rhythms, strangely catchy hooks, noisy drone music you can dance to, or like stepping into a bad trip club room.
Noise drone music you can dance to. Maybe.

Harsh noise. Non-rhythmic, extreme and unpredictable void-enhancing feedback loops. Encourages total surrender of the patterns of the mind to open and give into empty space

Femme Brutal is a feminist booking and DJ-collective based in Oslo (and now also Bergen) that organzes shows in collaboration with Konsertforeninga. With support from Oslo Kommune and Kulturdirektoratet.

Dører: 20:00
Første konsert: 21:00
Billetter: 220 / 160 (medlem av Konsertforeninga / student)

Vaterland Bar & Scene
Brugata 9

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