Femme Brutal goes Bergen: Deathman + DJ Dorky + Toyota Carina

This thursday marks the start of Femme Brutals Bergen-project! Hopefully, we've come to stay!We're very happy to be able to host this queer feminist event this evening on Victoria together with FETT Bergen!


Norway’s first and only drag band. Come to dance and cleanse your soul!Deathman is a genre-confused, subcultural supergroup and Norway’s first and only drag band. Composed of members from Intetskjønn, FLTY BRGR GRL, Level & Tyson and the drag legends Gutta, the quartet are equal parts dead serious musicians and charming drag kings.Every concert is a cleansing ritual of blood, sweat, laughter and tears, as mesmerizing as they are confusing.The debut song “I’m ok” is a dark and insistent love ballad.Join Deathmans ritual concert, inviting ideas, identities and energies that need to come out, be shared, buried, exposed or killed. A chaotic coexistence of dreams, egos and memories.

DJ Dorky and Toyota Carina known from the legendary underground scene Maxitaxi in Oslo will play back to back.

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