Femme Brutal: Siory & No Techno No Poetry

Femme Brutal er utrolig begeistra for å invitere dere på en dobbel-konsert i Boksen ved Hausmania med Siory og No Techno No Poetry.


Siory is a band founded by multimedia artist and musician Ola Winnicka in 2019.
Musically, they are located in the distant suburbs of rap, with the energy of punk music, a touch of ambient, electronics, and street, girlish, emotional prose by Winnicka and her accordion. In 2023, choreographer and dancer -Wiktoria Sobota - joined the team. Sisters raise social issues, sometimes creating anthemic, critical, reactionary stories from the position of a feminist,or rather humanists, as the leader calls herself. Siory symbolically is the voice not only of women, but of the universal need to create a new social construct - free from chauvinism, sexism, in the spirit of radical care.
Siory means diversity, permission to experience different states and modes. They remind us how important the body is and through working with it they express sometimes difficult emotions.
Siory shows are full of visual contents with great attention to costumes and light.

They released their first album "Serce" released by Dym Recordings.
Work is underway on the next album "Magnum", songs from which you will also hear for the premiere at the concert.


No Techno No Poetry (Anastasia Veprev, Anton Komandirov, Roman Osminkin, Marin Shamov) is a musical artistic group that suspended their activities in Russia, after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. In order to express their anti-war stance, they published an anti-war manifesto and made a gesture of renunciation as a group. Сurrently the group members live in Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig. Last year in august they played the alternative grassroot festival Karlsøya in Troms, Norway. This time the group will perform in the team of Marin Shamov and Anton Komandirov.
The group works with current issues such as political oppression, migration, queer resistance, solidarity, corporeality using different formats – musical concerts, performances and video production. The group stands on trans*queer*feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, anarchist and environmental principles.

FEMME BRUTAL DJs spiller før og etter konsertene.

Femme Brutal er et feministisk booking og DJ-kollektiv basert i Oslo og Bergen som organiserer konserter i samarbeid med Konsertforeninga. Med støtte fra Oslo Kommune og Kulturdirektoratet.

Dører: 19.00
Ordinær: 230
Medlem / student: 170
Ubemidlet: 100

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