Plateslipp: Frijazz mot rasisme

Konsertforeninga i samarbeid med Smalltown Supersound presenterer:



Anja Lauvdal // Christian Winther // Andreas Røysum // Kalle Moberg // Jens Borge // Kristoffer Alberts // Signe Emmeluth // Joel Ring // Natali Abrahamsen Garner

"The second release on Smalltown Supersound's highly promising offside jazz label, 'Le Jazz Non Series' follows Bendik Giske and Buttechno’s mighty label opener with a killer compilation bursting with contemporary/outsider Norwegian free music as a show of solidarity against racism in the scene, with a title that translates to "Freejazz against racism“. Stitched and compiled by Anja Lauvdal and Tine Hvidsten, the set features 18 outsider Jazz burners centered around a varied and diverse cast of characters from the young Norwegian scene. (...) of the players featured on the record, many are regulars at Norwegian demonstrations against local anti-Muslim organization SIAN - with the compilation designed to collect funds for local anti-racist work."

Dette blir første sjanse til å kjøpe plata Frijazz mot rasime i Norge, les mer om den her.

Dører 19:30 - konsertene starter 20:00

CC 200 / 150 (ordinær/ medlem)

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