We Are Sitting in a Room; Homage to Alvin Lucier

Join us for this series of concerts on Friday 18th of August and Saturday 19th of August 17–18 and 20–21.

Free entry.

«..’play it back into the room again and again until the resonant frequencies of the room reinforce themselves.. ‘ Lucier/ I am Sitting in A Room»

«We Are Sitting in a Room; Homage to Alvin Lucier» is a concert series tracing the work of the composer Alvin Lucier (1931-2021). Lucier was a seminal figure in the field of experimental music and sound art, known for his groundbreaking compositions and conceptual ideas. Much of his work explored the physical properties of sound, and his experiments with electronic recording techniques in the 1960s revolutionized the way in which we think of sound as a medium.In this homage, the score of Lucier's most well-known work, «I am Sitting in a Room (1969)», becomes a starting point for a new experimental composition, spatial arrangement and participatory performance by Mor Efrony.

The original piece features Lucier reading a text, then playing the recording back into the room and re-recording several times. Over time, his words become unintelligible, white certain frequencies either amplified or suppressed depending on the shape and size of the room.Like Lucier, Efrony will use a microphone and two vintage reel to reel tape decks in order to capture the resonant qualities of the gallery space. However, as the piece is a live-performance, it will also be affected by the sounds made by audience members and electro-acoustic live music will be orchestrated into the concert. When the looping of the two tape decks is complete, Efrony will use the material as the basis for an extended, live mixing session which will include music and field recordings from her personal archive. Musicians Ylva Gülpinar and Louise Weseth will also participate in the concert series.

This concert series is part of Resonancess a new festival by Mor Efrony in collaboration with Femme Brutal. Each concert will be followed by an after party with live performances.The project is supported by NOTAM & Kulturrådet and produced in collaboration with Femme Brutal.

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